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The modern radars are highly diverse, including air and terrestrial traffic control, air-defense systems, antimissile systems, aircraft anti-collision systems, altimetry and flight control systems, guided missile target locating systems. High tech radar systems are associated with digital signal processing, machine learning and are capable of extracting useful information from very high noise levels.


DBRXL (RSR 320) - 3D Air Defence Radar

Reutech Radar Systems has developed a 3-dimensional ground-based dual-band radar technology demonstrator which delivers world-leading performance in missile fire control applications. This demonstrator has been produced in partnership with the Department of Defense, Armscor, CSIR, Denel and the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. The system is based on the ESR 220 Thutlwa local warning radar Air Defense Artillery Formation, with the addition of high-accuracy 3D target detection and tracking capabilities. The suitability of the product for the support of ground-based Surface-To-Air Missiles (SAMs) was asserted in the superior tracking accuracy of aircraft under surveillance.


StealthRad RSR 904/906 

The StealthRad product range has been developed in response to increasing demands for persistent, all-weather and low visibility situational awareness of borders, strategic infrastructure, marine protected areas, and inland waterways. StealthRad is a range of cost-effective, lightweight, Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radars. The system has two modes of operation (1) Continuous Surveillance that allows optimization for both surface and air targets at the same time. This enables deployment in littoral situations as well as on inland water areas, where it can serve in both air surveillance and surface surveillance. (2) Sector Scanning with a maximum range of 20km optimized for ground surveillance applications. The system provides automatic detection and recognition of moving targets such as personnel, vehicles and other ground based objects.


Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System

The Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System or "PIMS" integrates traditional technologies used for asset protection, such as cameras, with ground surveillance radar technology. The addition of radar not only provides the benefit of persistent surveillance of large areas, but also includes other attributes such as all-weather, day/night performance. The PIMS solution provides geo-referenced intruder position reporting and -tracking that allows for automatic alarming, queuing of PTZ cameras and activation of deterrents thus enhancing security personnel's ability to respond.


RIS 100 Navigation Radar Intercept System

The RIS 100 system is a Radar Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM) receiver that covers the International Telecommunications Union radar bands allocated to marine radar at S-band (RIS 100S) and/or X-band (RIS 100X). The system provides a bearing line, or “strobe”, from the receiver location in the direction of any vessel at sea that is operating navigation radar in the defined frequency bands.


MultiMission Radar (MMR) C-130

The multi-mission radar (MMR) performs air defense surveillance, air traffic control (ATC), counterfire target acquisition (CTA) and fire control in a single, stand-alone, transportable system. The MMR has proven to outperform expensive radar systems in both acquisition range and weapon location capabilities. All the while, it maintains single-HMMWV mobility and small crew size. Common logistics, including maintenance, spare parts, crew training and product improvements significantly reduce the overall lifecycle costs associated with maintaining two or more systems that address each mission requirement separately.


2030 Vision

Modern Technology co is considered one of the earliest companies that enrolled into 2030 Vision. 



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