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MOTECO Communicator (MOTECOMM) Secured Messaging Systems

Secure communication starts with reducing the number of tools you use. MOTECOMM connects your team with all solders, departments and groups. Centralize all communication of your projects and missions, avoid missing information and make your team work better. Keep workflow moving by centralizing all your tools and touchpoints on one platform. Designed for team collaboration, DevOps, and team member engagement.

The service supports all PCs, smartphones, tablets (Android and iOS). Customer On-Premises or Cloud Based (NO dedicated hardware at customer site). Works over 3G, 4G/LTE or WIFI (also wired LAN) and offers. 

(Push To Talk)

Secured Voice/Video IP-PTT services with Android, iOS, Windows applications.
The Service support smartphone, tablet PC, wearable device (Android Wear and Apple Watch. Customer On-Premises or Cloud Based (NO special hardware at customer location). Works on 3G, 4G/LTE or WIFI (including wired LAN) and provide
- 1:1 and 1:Group direct Voice Calls
- 1:1 and 1:Group Real Time (Live) Video Transmission
- Instant Text Messaging & File Transmission
- Real time location sharing
- Mobile and Desk Terminals
- Dispatcher System
- Integration with existing TETRA & DMR Networks


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